White Papers Can Build Company Recognition...

Ready to build recognition ... generate leads ... nurture prospects ...
and help close sales for your company?

A white paper is an extremely versatile form of marketing collateral. Called the "King of Content," it has a profound ability to engage your prospect through a complex sales cycle.

With my extensive medical background, you get a white paper copywriter who already understands your industry. I know what to ask and how to ask questions when interviewing your SMEs. And, I really enjoy discussing the in-depth details about the product or service you're promoting.  

Plus, to grasp how your prospect thinks and what his concerns are, are crucial in explaining the details properly in your white paper.

12-Step Process

Every white paper must be tailored to a specific audience with a desired outcome. And, provide useful ... practical ... and educational content.

I use a 12-step process to plan and produce your white paper. To be effective, it helps your prospective buyer understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

A white paper persuades through:

  • definitive logic...
  • irrefutable facts...
  • precise statistics...
  • and quotes from industry opinion makers.

3 Basic Types of White Papers

There are 3 basic types of white papers. 

And, to pick the perfect one depends on your purpose and audience. In addition, the placement of it in the sales cycle determines which type to write. Whether you want it to be in the early stage ... middles stage ... or near the end.

Since each sales stage incorporates different marketing challenges, your white paper can be targeted to your business buyer more effectively.

Instead of using just one type of white paper, two types can be combined to accomplish two goals.

But, knowing which two work together best, and which two don't, is crucial.

For example, suppose you want to support a product launch and, at the same time, attract attention to your company. Or, you want to combine a short-term and a long-term goal. To generate immediate leads now, and help your company get noticed by potential buyers in the future.

Corresponding Campaigns

You want to create marketing pieces with corresponding campaigns that can satisfy your prospect at each stage of the sales cycle.

Every white paper needs solid evidence to make its case.

The right nuggets of proof must be found to give it more authority. And, it needs to have powerful proof to:

  • build your argument...
  • engage your reader...
  • and compel him to take the action you want him to take.

Objective: Write a white paper for a medical device.

White Paper for a Medical Device.pdf

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