Discover How to find the Right Travel Writer

As a hotelier, you're approached by travel writers quite often.

But how do you know which writer you should invest in to bring your hotel maximum exposure...

One who will follow through and create a PR buzz, online and offline, about your property after they enjoyed their free accommodations?

I completely understand your dilemma.

You need a travel writer with the right skill set and the ability to produce results as well as one who is the right fit for you and your property.

Recently, I was talking to Jeremiah Magone of Hospitality Copywriting about this exact issue and we decided to do a webinar about it.

In this webinar, we'll discuss 5 of the 12 questions you must ask when looking for a reliable travel writer BEFORE you commit to working with them.

Plus, we'll talk about the warning signs you should watch out for and what 1 question THEY must ask YOU.

So please, watch this short introductory video. Then you can register at to join us in our 30-minute webinar...

Feel free to check out the following samples to see how I can help you with your travel writing needs:

Objective: Article promoting a local event and Facebook/PPC Ads to generate PR:

Tiny Church Sponsors Huge Rodeo for a Lively Weekend in May-article.pdf

Tiny Church Sponsors Huge Rodeo--FB/PPC Ads.pdf

Objective: Article promoting an activity to do in Belize:

Hike to a Hidden Double Waterfall in Belize-article

If you have any questions or are looking for a travel writer, feel free to give me a call at #620-435-6923.