How I Work with You...

A smooth road to a successful project
with a Medical Writer.

It unfolds about the same, whether you want me to write a landing page, white paper, advertisement, case study, or any other type of project.

Here's how I work with you to make it happen:

  • The Agreement: Project, Terms and Conditions: It all begins with an exploratory phone meeting so I can understand what you want to accomplish. We talk about your project, its mission, time frame, expectations, and budget. Then I create a proposal so everything is very clear up front. When you accept the proposal, we're ready to begin working together!
  • Project Scope: Next, I'll schedule another phone meeting to start collecting in-depth information about the entire scope of your project. There will be questions for you to answer and background information to send me that relates to the project. The more material you can provide up front, the better. The most important information is usually gathered in a marketing strategy document, also known as a Creative Brief. This outlines all the critical information I need to write great copy for you. Some projects also require interviews of key personnel or clients of yours.
  • Marketing Ideas and Concepts: Then, I will develop creative "theme" options for your project -- known as the BIG IDEA. I'll send you the options and provide sample headlines so you'll know exactly how the themes could be played out. We discuss these options and choose the one direction that stands out as the strongest. If I feel that one idea really nails our mission, I'll just send that one. Once you approve the direction, I can begin writing copy.
  • Copywriting, Reviewing and Editing: I will create a first complete copy draft for your review in a Microsoft Word document via email. The best two methods of reviewing and commenting on copy are to:
  • 1. Read it as a MS Word document that you can mark up using the "Track Changes" or "sticky notes" feature, or
  • 2. Print a hard copy, clearly hand write your comments, scan and email them back to me.
  • It's also highly valuable for me to see the copy in layout, just so I can make sure the copy elements are in the right place and have the best emphasis for readability, message logic flow, and sales effectiveness.
  • Final Approval and Completion: I will then make any final revisions requested and send you a final Word document for your acceptance. 

Contact me if you're ready to discuss a project.