A Direct Response Copywriter & Strategist that gets results...

Finding a qualified and dependable direct response copywriter
who understands your marketing efforts is not an easy task.

You need someone who can deliver results in your sales messaging and campaigns ... because your business cannot afford the risk of ineffective sales copy.

That's how I can help you, as a direct response copywriter.

As a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers*, you get a writer with a solid foundation in the principles of direct response sales copy. 

Whether it's a web page, squeeze page, or sales letter, you get:

  • a benefit-oriented headline...
  • the use of testimonials...
  • copy written directly to your prospect...
  • and, a clear call to action.

6 Content Objectives

When writing the copy for your deliverables, six objectives are used for effective marketing.

By having a direct response copywriter who grasps this, your refunds and customer service issues can decrease ... retention increases ... ascension results and speed of ascension improves ... and sales of additional products and services can be more successful.

Copywriting vs. Marketing

Copywriting and marketing are two separate and distinct, yet related specialties. 

Marketing identifies your target market, creates your offer, chooses which media to use for the best results, figures out the proper timing, and many other details.

My goal is to pinpoint the one specific action you want your prospect to take. Then, accomplish that one key objective for each marketing piece.

There may be multiple actions in the overall process to move your prospect along.

Therefore, your copy must operate within that framework of a carefully thought out marketing campaign that sets up the sale.

Then, the copywriting cements the deal.

Produce Copy for Best Results

To capture all the information necessary, I have a series of questions that create the groundwork for each piece of a marketing campaign. This enables me to produce copy for you that achieves the best possible results.

Prior to sending out my copy, I have a detailed checklist to make sure it's all it can be. In other words, copy is not sent out before it's ready.

Staying on top of the latest tactics, trends, and developments in direct response marketing is essential.

I love ongoing learning through books, courses, seminars, and anything else I can get my hands on.

Feel free to take a look at the following samples that were written for actual clients to see how I can help you with your direct response projects. Some writing samples include open and click through rates:

Objective: Email sequence sent to a health company's buyers segment for a limited edition kit that ties into the holiday:

4th of July Sales Emails.pdf

Objective: Increase customer value and revenue with reminder emails to finish the purchasing transaction:

Abandoned Cart Emails.pdf

Objective: Introduce the company and indoctrinate/nurture the prospect for an improved customer experience:

Indoctrination-Nurture Emails.pdf

Objective: Email sequence sent to a health company's members/buyers/non-buyers segments for a weekend holiday sale:

Labor Day Sales Emails.pdf

Objective: Email sequence sent to a health company's members/non-members segments to increase membership to an anti-aging program:

Membership Launch Sales Emails.pdf

Objective: To re-engage those who are inactive on an email list through different email approaches:

Re-engagement Emails.pdf

Objective: Product autoresponder emails following a purchase as well as cross-selling to other products:

Shake Autoresponder Emails.pdf

Objective: Video Sales Letter script for a probiotic supplement:

Eat What You Want When You Want.pdf

Also, here are some of my practice samples so you can see how I can help you with other direct response projects:

Objective: Collateral material to motivate prospects for a health supplement:

Banner Ads for Health Supplement.pdf

Online Ad for Health Supplement.pdf

Email for Health Supplement.pdf

Lift Note for Health Supplement.pdf

Fulfillment Landing-Squeeze Pg for Health Supplement.pdf

Upsell Landing Pg for Health Supplement.pdf

Downsell landing pg for Health Supplement.pdf

Objective: Write a compelling sidebar from a recent article from a website

Health Sidebar-Kidney Stones.pdf

Health Sidebar-Mineral water.pdf

Objective: Write an editorial for a health advice newsletter:

A Doctor's Newsletter.pdf

Objective: Re-write a website home page to improve readability, flow, and to offer a newsletter:

Doctors' Clinic Website Home Pg.pdf

Chiropractic Website Home Pg.pdf


Contact me so we can set up a time to discuss your direct response needs.

*The Dan Kennedy Copywriter for Info-Marketers Certification is awarded to professional copywriters who have successfully completed a course of study of preparation for such copywriting.