A Case Study Can Build Your Credibility...

Want to showcase your product as a problem solver?

Need a case study copywriter who can tell your success story?

Your greatest marketing assets are your product success stories. However, getting those stories researched and told can be a challenge.

That’s where I can help you.

Through my case study planning and writing service, I take care of all the details, from the initial customer interview ... to the finished written story. 

Medical Background

With my extensive medical experience, you get a unique insider's perspective on your industry that makes my research and writing more in-depth. You will have someone who has real-life knowledge in the medical field that understands it.

I can help you reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals, because I have:

  • 30 years of experience as a Radiologic (X-ray) Technologist...
  • 13 years of experience as a Computerized (CT) Technologist...
  • and, worked in rural & urban hospitals; routine, emergency room & operating room settings.

Builds Credibility

A case study is such a powerful tool in marketing -- it's an excellent credibility builder. 

It shows potential buyers that other people have bought your product or service, and what their experience and results were. 

I turn their praises into a powerful story that "wows" your prospects ... without coming across as bragging.

A Proven Structure

When writing your case study, I use a proven structure.

It includes 9 components to make your case study compelling, and communicates direct benefits that are relevant to your target audience. In addition, it showcases your product or service in an educational way that flows smoothly and logically.

A case study is a great way to favorably feature your most satisfied clients, while demonstrating how your product or service improved their life and business.

They are fun to write, and I look forward to working with you on them.

Please take a look at my sample below to see how I can help you with your next case study project.

Objective: To promote/market/organize Plains Church's current fundraising project. This is a success story of how LB Copywriting filled that need and increased their revenue:

Case Study-Plains Church.pdf

If you have happy customers whose stories you want to leverage contact me today!