Use Online Video to Boost Your Success...

Want to use online video, but not sure where to start?

Need more online videos, but don't have the staff or time to get them done?

Online video continues to explode as a results-producing strategy for all types of companies. This is because there are more viewers than readers on the internet now.

Videos can cover any topic and be any length, depending on your objectives and your target audience. 

You can rely on me to help you achieve your marketing goals with online video. I can also lead you through the entire video process, if needed.

3 Steps with 7 Elements

When preparing to write your online video script, there are 3 steps I use to make it effective.

I also include 7 fundamental elements in my writing so you will have a persuasive, easy-to-understand video with a clear call to action . 

Your video will coax the viewer along towards your objective. Then, motivate them to take the next step ... whether you want them to:

  • call your salesforce...
  • download a report...
  • start a free trial...
  • learn more...
  • or share the video with colleagues.

Communicate Your Message

The presentation of your video is extremely important.

How its words sound and look are different than reading them on paper.

Therefore, you must please the ear as well as the eye. If your words don't come across smoothly, they will cause your viewer to mentally stumble and lose the meaning of your video. 

As your scriptwriter, I find ways to communicate the message in your video to your target audience to keep them engaged. 

Manage Your Video

If needed, I can manage your video production process. It's a simple 5-step process that I can guide you through:

  1. Scripting
  2. Filming
  3. Post-production
  4. Review/Approval
  5. Publication

I will stay involved in each phase and keep everyone informed and on the same page as we move along. If you have a video team, I can work alongside them as well. 

Either way, you will stay well informed of every step that is taken. 

Online videos are fun to create. And, I look forward to working with you in any marketing aspect you may have.

Please take a look at my practice samples below to see how I can help you with your online video script projects. 

Objective: To communicate some key features and benefits of the "Mail Station 2", a small postal meter for small business use. The video entices the visitor to contact the company for more information or to order the postage meter, in a 30-second to 2-minute video:

Online Video Script-Product Overview.pdf

Objective: A 2-3-minute video to introduce the content of the white paper, "How To Capture The Market." The video entices bankers to register to download the white paper:

Online Video Script-Executive Summary.pdf

Objective: To turn a written case study into a 3-5-minute video case study to entice the viewer to download a white paper on the benefits of mobile technology and the Blackberry:

Online Video Script-Video Case Study.pdf

Stay ahead of your competition and contact me to discuss your online video needs.