Increase Your Sales with a Lead Generation Campaign...

Stay in contact with your prospects and customers

A lead generation campaign keeps you in contact with your prospects and customers -- nurturing them throughout the buying process.

These emails connect with your prospect, then engage with his needs and desires, and motivate him to make a decision. One prospect may decide quicker than another, that's why you need a nurturing plan to stay on top of mind. 

Persuade Your Readers

You get benefit-focused writing that persuades your readers to take the next step. Some steps may be a video, a case study, or another email to educate them on your product, service, or company. 

I use strategic guidelines to ensure nothing is missed ... maximizing creativity for your best results.

A Writing Recipe

To motivate your prospective buyer, I use a writing recipe that:

  • grabs his attention...
  • moves him through each stage of your sales process...
  • and persuades him to respond to your call to action.

Deliver Your Message

I work with you to develop your lead generation campaign to fit your specific product and target audience.

Delivering your message accurately is very important. It has a conversational tone towards your target audience, to increase your results.

Whether you need emails, sales pages, product descriptions, autoresponders, or landing pages, I can help you stay in touch with your prospective and current customers. 

Create Your Offer

If you need help with your offer, I can work with you to create one. 

Offers vary from informational to engagement.

Informational offers can be a white paper, case study, or special report to download ... an online video or demonstration to view ... a newsletter to sign-up for ... or start a free trial.

An engagement offer can be a webinar to sign-up for ... a free consultation ... or a proposal/quotation from your sales force. 

My Goal is to Help You

My goal is to enable you to expand your business with quality lead generation techniques and strategies. With my extensive healthcare background, I can help you meet your medical marketing needs and challenges.

Please take a look at my practice samples below to see how I can help you with your lead generation projects. 

Objective: Write a lead generation email to promote a health supplement:

Email for Health Supplement Promo.pdf

Objective: Write a lead generation campaign to promote a webinar and sell a mobile application:

Lead Gen Email.pdf

Lead Gen Landing Page.pdf

Lead Gen Follow-up Email.pdf

Objective: Re-write a lead generation web page to gain more sign-ups for a webinar:

Lead Gen Web Page.pdf

"Whoa. This is great work, Lisa." -- Steve Slaunwhite, Author, The Everything Guide To Writing Copy.

Objective: Write an email inviting independent restaurant owners to attend a trade show and visit their exhibit:

Lead Gen Email.pdf

"Great job! Motivating, benefit-focused copy throughout. Well done." -- Steve Staunwhite, Author, The Everything Guide To Writing Copy

Objective: To promote a white paper and generate more leads in an e-newsletter ad:

Lead Gen E-zine Ad.pdf

"Great work. Lots of energy and very persuasive. Very good ad!" -- Steve Slaunwhite, Author, The Everything Guide To Writing Copy.

Objective: To write an online ad to persuade readers to download a special report. 

Online Ad.pdf

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